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Detailed articles on topics of mechanical and automotive design engineering

Mufaddal Rasheed | Jan 13, 2024

A detailed look at various tools available for design engineers to solve problems creatively towards systematic innovation

Mufaddal Rasheed | Jan 13, 2024

What are the major technological trends governing the direction and work of mechanical design engineers ?

Mufaddal Rasheed | Jan 13, 2024

What are the differences between specialist and generalist skill sets in the context of mechanical design engineering? How do they ...

Mufaddal Rasheed | Jan 13, 2024

Design engineers often obsess over software tools but the real value adding skill is concept development. A short explainer on why .

Mufaddal Rasheed | Nov 21, 2023

The various types of design problems which design engineers solve in work . A breakdown of what they entail.

Mufaddal Rasheed | Feb 21, 2024

How to develop a holistic mindset as a design engineer who is not only a specialist

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