Creativity in engineering problem solving is about merging imagination with technical skill to invent solutions that are both innovative and practical

In mechanical design, concept development, creativity, and problem formulation are crucial for successful engineering solutions. Concept development transforms initial ideas into feasible designs, ensuring that solutions are practical and manufacturable. Creativity drives innovation, allowing engineers to explore unconventional approaches and devise novel solutions to complex problems. Effective problem formulation is the foundation of the design process, as understanding the problem fully is essential for developing targeted, efficient solutions. Together, these elements foster the creation of robust, innovative, and effective mechanical systems

Key topics

  • How to generate and develop concepts for a given problem
  • How to use fundamentals and tools ( CAD, Simulation ) to generate / evaluate/improve concepts , applying the design process
  • How to  formulate problem statements and holistically solve the design problem with all considerations in mind (manufacturing, function, durability etc.) .
  • Applying Design for manufacturing principles early into the design

Explore the Concept development courses

Mechanical concept design Problem solving with  projects

  • How to formulate a problem into a logical framework to improve problem solving
  • How to select concepts based on criteria
  • The Concept development process within the larger product development
  • Multiple examples to develop problem solving through practice

Concept evaluation (FEA): Static Stress analysis with Fusion 360

  • Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis - Terminologies and Basic Math behind it
  • Develop confidence while performing simulation with Fusion 360
  • Developing structural conceptualization skills to solve design problems as in industry.
  • Various Case studies dealing with Weight optimization , stress reduction and Stiffening.

Concept design of Double Wishbone suspension system in Fusion 360

  • How to design a suspension system from scratch
  • How to do design calculations related to Ride rate, spring , shock absorber
  • How to build up geometry in CAD from points
  • How to conceptualize parametric model of suspension

Concept Sheet metal design of Chassis frame in Fusion 360

  • Basics of Chassis ladder frame design in vehicle design
  • Design methodology of chassis frame design from scratch
  • Complex Surface design CAD workflows for designing sheet metal brackets for chassis

Articles on Concept development / problem solving