Concept Design of a Double Wishbone Suspension system

Learn how to design a double wishbone suspension system from scratch with calculations

Course Summary

This  is a project based course which revolves around the design of a Double wishbone suspension system which is the most common Front suspension configuration in passenger vehicles.
Suspension design is a critical activity in Vehicle product development and this course covers the design methodlogy and philosophy behind designing the system .

Topics covered:

- Basics of suspensions
- Basics of kinematics of a 4 bar linkage  
- Construction of a double wishbone system  
- The Design process and major activities  

Project walkthrough  
- How to decipher Vehicle specifications and start the design  
- Setting important points in 3D .  
- Locating the Wheel end  
- Locating and Designing Ball pins and pivots of suspension arms  
- Locating steering points  
- Locating Shock absorber points  
- Design of Upper control arm and considerations  
- Design of Lower control arm and considerations  

Design Calculations and Analyses  
- Ride frequency intro
 - Arriving Wheel centre rate and then Ride rate  
- Calculating the Ride frequency  
- Arriving at the Spring rate  
- Designing the spring and setting specifications  
- Setting specifications for the damper  
- Creating a parametric sketch to simulate suspension articulation kinematics  
- Finding Roll centre location in Front view  
- Finding Roll stiffness from springs  
- Finding Caster, King pin inclination , scrub  
- Force analyses of suspension members

The course will develop a deep understanding of how to design suspension system and do the concept level analysis to set it up
Who is it for ?
- Automotive engineers already in the field and want to learn the suspension design
 - Engineering students  
- Automotive enthusiasts with automotive engineering knowledge 

Course Curriculum

Mufaddal Rasheed

Mufaddal Rasheed is a mechanical design engineer , inventor and online entrepreneur working towards building a comprehensive knowledge resource base for students and  mechanical design professionals with focus on building skills and  knowledge to design mechanical products

The goal  is to build a comprehensive knowledge eco-system for mechanical design engineers and aspirants which would prepare an individual for engineering innovation and advance their careers in terms of knowledge. 

Experienced professional with 7+ years experience in Automotive product development designing chassis and suspension systems and being part of multiple projects from concept to production. 

He is passionate about mechanical design and innovation and writes regularly on Quora with a Top writer badge.

Core belief is that engineering is a lifelong learning process and for a designer  it is "the more you know the better you design"

Working towards developing an alternate solution to the problems of engineering education and upskilling for economic growth. 

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  • Concept Design of a Double Wishbone Suspension sys
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