Concept design of Chassis Frame with Fusion 360

Learn how to design a complete frame from scratch for an SUV vehicle

Course Summary

 This is a project based course which takes you through the complete design process of a full chassis Frame for a SUV vehicle.

 Course begins with an introduction to some basic concepts related to chassis design and the design methodology associated with design of chassis frame in a vehicle development project  
Topics covered :  
- Vehicle construction - Body on frame vs monocoque (Unibody)  construction  
- Construction of a typical ladder frame  
- Design considerations  
- Design methodology from concept to detail design  
- Primary design criteria which govern initial design  
- What is Bending stiffness? how is it measured and its practical importance  
- What is torsional stiffness? how is it measured and its practical importance  
- How to improve stiffness locally with examples  
- Design for durability and a logical process to follow with examples  
- Converting vehicle specifications to Design specifications  
- Developing the dimensions for side members  
- Design Workflow of front suspension mounting cluster  
- Design Workflow of Powertrain mounting cluster
- Design Workflow of Fuel tank mounting cluster  
- Design Workflow of Rear suspension mount cluster  
- Design workflow of Body mounting cluster  

A deep dive into the world of chassis design with sheet metal components  

Input reference files are provided which can be used to develop your own designs following the workflows.  
The course is a one of a kind practical course which details the intricacies of design along with covering the holistic implications of various aspects . 

Course Curriculum

Mufaddal Rasheed

Mufaddal Rasheed is a mechanical design engineer , inventor and online entrepreneur working towards building a comprehensive knowledge resource base for students and  mechanical design professionals with focus on building skills and  knowledge to design mechanical products

The goal  is to build a comprehensive knowledge eco-system for mechanical design engineers and aspirants which would prepare an individual for engineering innovation and advance their careers in terms of knowledge. 

Experienced professional with 7+ years experience in Automotive product development designing chassis and suspension systems and being part of multiple projects from concept to production. 

He is passionate about mechanical design and innovation and writes regularly on Quora with a Top writer badge.

Core belief is that engineering is a lifelong learning process and for a designer  it is "the more you know the better you design"

Working towards developing an alternate solution to the problems of engineering education and upskilling for economic growth. 

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  • Concept design of Chassis Frame with Fusion 360
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