Functional Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing with case studies

Learn how to apply GD&T to components by understanding the function

Course Summary

 This is one of a kind  advanced application based course for Geometric dimensioning and Tolerancing  which blends the GD&T knowledge with actual component design and how to develop a tolerancing scheme and how it impacts assembly .

  The first section of course deals with a generic methodology in understanding of a component ,  the functional relationships of its elements and applying GD&T on engineering drawing.  

Followed by a Elaborate set of case studies which go in deep to smallest details of the component and application of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing scheme that aligns with the product function .  
1. How to set up datum scheme based on application  
2. How to set up Geometric controls and their meanings  
3. Where composite positional/ profile controls are used their meanings and physical meaning in gauges.  
4. Inspection and Functional gauging procedure based on GD&T drawing to understand the physical meaning and affect on assembly of system.  
5. The reasoning behind the usage of certain controls over others.  

Case studies include components ranging from the Yoke of a universal joint , Special flanges , Special latch, Steering shaft mount brackets, Bike Handle bar mount systems, Rocker arm mechanisms, etc.  

The aim of the course is to bring out the conceptual application of GD&T on actual components.  
Reason behind creating this course is that most engineers look at GD&T as only another standard or something to learn to just use on the drawing.
But the conceptual understanding of application is missed out. GD&T is an amazing tool to create a very clear and functional drawing. Allowing to relate features to each other .  

 As an engineer, having had the experience first hand the impact a good GD&T drawing can have . I have tried to create a learning resource which can replicate the situations in industry.  

Learning outcomes :
 Ability to interpret a components functional features and apply a tolerancing scheme  
Develop a strong conceptual understanding of application of GD&T in actual industrial setting

Course Curriculum

Mufaddal Rasheed

Mufaddal Rasheed is a mechanical design engineer , inventor and online entrepreneur working towards building a comprehensive knowledge resource base for students and  mechanical design professionals with focus on building skills and  knowledge to design mechanical products

The goal  is to build a comprehensive knowledge eco-system for mechanical design engineers and aspirants which would prepare an individual for engineering innovation and advance their careers in terms of knowledge. 

Experienced professional with 7+ years experience in Automotive product development designing chassis and suspension systems and being part of multiple projects from concept to production. 

He is passionate about mechanical design and innovation and writes regularly on Quora with a Top writer badge.

Core belief is that engineering is a lifelong learning process and for a designer  it is "the more you know the better you design"

Working towards developing an alternate solution to the problems of engineering education and upskilling for economic growth. 

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Functional tolerancng

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