Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing : Advanced concepts

Learn the Advanced concepts of GD&T tolerancing of slots , patterns

Course Summary

Topics covered :
- Profile tolerance in depth - Relimited control of profile , Biased tolerance zone , Application
- How are Patterns toleranced and what does the callout mean with multiple examples? and how are they used as datums
- Refinement of Orientation and Form in Position and Profile tolerance
- Auxiliary datums - Datums apart from the datum reference frame.
- Concept of simultaneous requirements- What does it mean ? What does it imply?
- Difference between simultaneous and seperate requirements
-  Gauging with simultaneous and seperate requirements
- Composite position control, composite vs Multi segment Position control
- Composite Gauging
- Composite profile control
- Tolerancing of slots - Methods and their differences
- Datum Targets - Why use them ? When to use them ? How to use them ?
- What is Zero positional tolerancing at MMC? with example and why use it?
- What is Projected tolerance zone ? with example and why use it?

All the lectures are in form of
 - Short "to the point " explanations of concepts
 - Focus on practical examples
 - Learn the why and why not along with comparisons

Pre-requisites required:
Strong Understanding of Basic concepts of GD&T like Datums, Modifiers and material conditions , Tolerance zones, Symbol meanings
Concept of Size, Form , orientation, and location , bonus tolerances, virtual conditions .

Course Curriculum

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GDandT advanced

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