Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics

A Course for Beginners in the field of Vehicle dynamics explaining the mechanics and mechanisms of the phenomena

Course Summary

 Vehicle dynamics is the study of  behavior of vehicles in motion . The study is one of the most important activities in the Vehicle design and development cycle to design vehicles which drive well and are comfortable to ride in.

In this course, you will learn the
- Concepts and mechanisms which govern the actions and reactions in vehicles all the way from how vehicles accelerate, brake, turn and respond to vibrations.
- The Theory and concepts behind suspension design process including concepts of kinematics and vibration isolation.

This course will first build on the very basics of automotive engineering and Newtons laws of physics , friction etc and then move on to explain the phenomena taking place between the Vehicle and the road in different circumstances. At each section of the course you will be taking away insightful concepts with the understanding of How? and Why?

The course is filled with 7+ hours of conceptual learning which lays a strong foundation to understand the more advanced concepts of vehicle dynamics and suspension design

This is not a mathematically intensive course and it doesn't aim to delve deep into the numerical treatment of dynamics rather aims to explain the underlying principles and concepts which are at play to govern the behavior of the vehicles.

You might have come across terms like roll, under-steer, camber ,caster and many more but don't really know what they mean and how important they are for the vehicle. This course will clear out those concepts.

Concepts covered
- The Basis of vehicle dynamics and Basic laws of physics which govern dynamics
- Concept of degrees of freedom, axis systems and importance of center of gravity
- Types of Loading scenarios faced by the Vehicle and their free body diagrams.
- The basics on the Tire and mechanism of Load generation
- The Suspension Design process - How is it done progressively and the function of suspensions.
- In-depth look at Suspension geometry design
- Wheel and steering angles , Suspension travel , Anti-features, Roll centre, Camber change rates, Elastokinematics
- Longitudinal dynamics - Explanation of the mechanism of Traction force generation in Braking and accelerating and explanation of working of Anti-lock brake systems.
- Lateral dynamics- Understeer, Oversteer behaviour of vehicle and root cause for that behavior in turning.
- Fundamentals of Vibration isolation
- What is Motion Ratio?
- Roll control using springs?
- Roll Over of Vehicles - The reason , mechanism

If you are a beginner to the field and want to learn the concepts in an easy way , this course is for you.
If you are already into the field of vehicle dynamics , this course will serve as a reference to clear out concepts on basic aspects of vehicle dynamics. 

Course Curriculum

Mufaddal Rasheed

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