Machine Design : Theories of failure and Design for fatigue

Learn about the Theories of mechanical failure and principles of designing for fatigue for mechanical engineerin

Course Summary

Machine design is the practice of designing structural elements of a product to meet functional and durability criteria .
Failure prevention is a big part of study for Machine design .
This course deals with the various theories of failure in Static and dynamic (cyclic) loading conditions.

Topics covered:
- Basics of Principal stress from mechanics of materials
- Importance of principal stress
- What are Theories of failure? the most simplest form
- Maximum Shear stress Theory - How it is derived , the analysis and cases
- Maximum distortion Energy theory - the most widely used theory of failure for ductile materials - The Derivation and how its used.
- Mohr theory - Theory for materials with different tensile and compressive strengths , Coulomb- Mohr theory
- Selection of Failure theory
- What is Fatigue loading? fatigue failure?
- Fracture mechanics basics
- What is fracture toughness property
- Factors to be considered
- The S-N curve and RR Moore test to develop S-N curve
- Endurance strength and Endurance limit
- The Endurance limit modifying factors
- Characterization of cyclical loading
- Definition of failure criteria in Fatigue

The course is designed to be compact and to the point highlighting the most important concepts and the Why ? behind it.
This is an advanced level course suitable if you are already familiar with strength of materials or mechanics of materials and basics of mechanical engineering .

- Understanding of Basics of Strength of materials
- Basics of mechanics

Course Curriculum

Mufaddal Rasheed

Mufaddal Rasheed is a mechanical design engineer , inventor and online entrepreneur working towards building a comprehensive knowledge resource base for students and  mechanical design professionals with focus on building skills and  knowledge to design mechanical products

The goal  is to build a comprehensive knowledge eco-system for mechanical design engineers and aspirants which would prepare an individual for engineering innovation and advance their careers in terms of knowledge. 

Experienced professional with 7+ years experience in Automotive product development designing chassis and suspension systems and being part of multiple projects from concept to production. 

He is passionate about mechanical design and innovation and writes regularly on Quora with a Top writer badge.

Core belief is that engineering is a lifelong learning process and for a designer  it is "the more you know the better you design"

Working towards developing an alternate solution to the problems of engineering education and upskilling for economic growth. 

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