"It’s through engineering that we can change the world. And understanding the basics is the first step in any significant technological advancement."
- James Dyson

Understanding the basic concepts of engineering, is crucial in design engineering. These fundamentals form the bedrock upon which complex systems are built. Mechanics, for instance, provides insight into the behavior of materials under various forces, enabling engineers to predict how structures will perform under different conditions. Kinematics, on the other hand, focuses on the motion of objects without considering the forces that cause them, which is essential for designing moving parts in machinery. 

Key topics

  • Engineering mechanics.
  • Mechanics of materials or Strength of Materials and Theories of failure
  • Kinematics and dynamics of machines
  • Machine element design
  • Fluid mechanics and thermodynamics

A solid grasp of these principles ensures that design engineers can create reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions. Without this foundational knowledge, the risk of design flaws increases, potentially leading to failures and costly revisions. Thus, mastery of engineering basics is indispensable for producing robust and effective designs.

Explore Engineering basics

Mechanics for Machine design course

Sections included
1. Mechanics of Materials
2. Theories of Failure
3. Kinematics of mechanisms
4. Machine element Design - Shafts, Gears, Springs, and more

  • What will you learn in the course ? 
  • What is machine design , its nature and design process
  • Different types of stress, loading and their analysis
  • What is Stress Transformation and derivation of Principal stress
  • Analysis of Beams and their types , how to develop shear force and Bending moment diagrams
  • Maximum Shear stress theory of failure & Maximum distortion Energy theory
  • Basics of Designing for Fatigue and Basics of fracture mechanics
  • The Design process for mechanism design in designing mechanical systems
  • Basics of Kinematic concepts - Degrees of freedom, mobility, Kinematic inversions etc
  • Position Analysis - Loop closure equations, Finding positions of points and Velocity analysis of Simple mechanisms
  • Static Force analysis of mechanisms 
  • Case studies on actual applications of mechanism design principles

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