Top 10 tips for Mechanical design engineers

  1. Develop Spatial and 3D visualization skills. Almost all mechanical engineers need them . They are basically understanding of 3D space in your mind and help in imagination of how things assemble and how things occupy space.
  2. Basics in engineering should not be avoided for software or application knowledge. You can design many things from first principles using basic engineering principles . Being application focused makes you a non-versatile and rigid engineer.
  3. Develop research skills . These include searching for relavent information from the relavent sources. As a mechanical engineer you will be overwhelmed by the huge ocean of information which you should know but knowing which is the most important and pursuing it can save you lot of time .
  4. Basic Math is extremely important whether you are in core R&D type role or not . Be it algebra, Trignometry , analytical geometry , Sets, Matrices. If you have lost touch get updated . Some really god ways are through Khan academy, Udemy courses.
  5. Build a persevering and patient mindset . Most of the returns you get (in terms of product or project success) will not be immediate and there will be many failures (whether they are in your control or not) . Being patient and learning from failures is very important.
  6. Learn to separate Design and analysis . Design is deciding shape, form , function, configuration and taking decisions. Analysis is the calculations and testing part.
  7. Look things from Top down . If you are in a team developing a product . DOnt just be aware of what knowledge and skills you need to perform job, rather look at how the work you do impacts the larger organization . Know your value. A small change in a productionized part (a weight reduction) can save millions for an organization. Be aware of the impact you create.
  8. Always keep learning. If you are designing stuff . Knowledge of the things which the design interacts with will always help you design better. Even otherwise dont stop absorbing interesting things
  9. Social and Communication skills are important . Being humble, respectful and listening is very important to work in teams. Respect others achievement. While communicating convey your ideas in a crisp and clear manner . Be assertive and share ideas, views opinions .
  10. Tools like CAD are a must for mechanical engineers . They help you visualize your ideas in the most efficient manner.
  11. Be Open minded to learn stuff about other disciplines . Most products nowadays require multi-disciplinary knowledge. Having a strong base in mechanical engineering and knowing electronics , computer programming can enhance your ideas and concepts greatly .

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