Engineering drawing and GD&T are the universal languages that ensure precision, clarity, and consistency in the  communication of complex designs

Engineering drawing and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) are critical components in the field of engineering, serving as the foundational languages that bridge the gap between conceptual design and tangible product .
GD&T as tool is used to convey design intent clearly from the design engineer to the manufacturer.
For a design engineer, learning how to prepare effective engineering drawings is key to implement designs in production

Key topics include

  • Basics of engineering drawing - dimensions, tolerances, annotations
  • The basic concepts of Geometric Dimensioning and tolerancing
  • Why is GD&T needed and what are its advantages over the traditional method
  • Tolerance analyses and System of Engineering Fits.

GD&T Complete course

  • Basic concepts
  • Advanced concepts
  • GD&T applied to components

Tolerance stack up analysis and system of fits

  • The Basics of Limits and Fits
  • How to do a simple Tolerance stackup analysis
  • How to do a Tolerance stackup analysis with GD&T

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