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"Engineering design makes use of the laws of nature to solve practical problems. It is like an art "

Roadmap to Learning Mechanical Design Engineering

Whether you are a beginner looking to enter the industry or a seasoned professional aiming to upgrade your expertise, our learning path offers a structured approach to mastering the essentials for innovative design and beyond. 

Design Process and approach

  • What to learn ? 
  • The Engineering design process, how to apply it in practice?
  • The flow of work from idea to detailed design
  • Structured process to break down the larger problem into smaller design problems.

Engineering Basics

  • What to learn ?
  • Thorough  understanding of concepts which are foundational to problem solving
  • How to apply calculations and  analysis to solve design problems
  • Machine components design 

Materials and Design for Manufacturing

   What to learn ?
  • Understanding material properties and how they affect design 
  • Selection of materials apt for problem
  • Understanding manufacturing process and incorporating into design - Simultaneous engineering. 
  • Designing Sheet metal or Plastic parts with considerations in mind 

Concept development 

    What to learn ?
  • How to generate and develop concepts for a given problem
  • How to use fundamentals and tools ( CAD, Simulation )  to generate / evaluate/improve concepts , applying the design process
  • How to  formulate problem statements and holistically solve the design problem with all considerations in mind (manufacturing, function, durability etc.) .

Engineering tolerancing , GD&T 

    What to learn ?
  • Under standing Design intent and translating to engineering drawing
  • Understand the underlying concepts of GD&T
  • How to interpret and apply GD&T in real cases
  • How to perform Tolerance analyses on assemblies to make sure they fit  or assemble

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About the Author

Hello, I'm Mufaddal Rasheed, a mechanical design engineer with seven years of experience in automotive R&D and also an established Online instructor on Udemy with 45000+ students all round the world. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work on various projects, guiding them from concept to production. I'm passionate about solving new problems and engaging in innovative projects.

I've created this learning platform to serve as a valuable resource for fellow design engineers, especially those just starting their careers. My goal is to provide you with practical insights and demonstrate how engineering principles are applied in real-world projects. I hope this platform helps you as you embark on your journey in mechanical design engineering.      

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