Interview Questions in GD&T for design engineers

What are the possible Interview questions related to GD&T ? Here is a useful list to prepare for

Here are some short GD&T interview questions .

The answer to these questions tests the understanding of GD&T at a conceptual level 

  1. What is the need for GD&T ? How is it better than Co-ordinate tolerancing?
  2. What is GD&T and why is it important in mechanical design?
  3. What is Rule #1 in GD&T and when is it applicable?
  4. How do you decide the tolerance value for a feature?
  5. What is the difference between size dimensions and geometric dimensions?
  6. What is the difference between form , orientation and position of a feature?
  7. What is functional gauge ? What is a variable gauge?
  8. If a position tolerance of is applied on a hole what is the shape of the tolerance zone?
  9. What is a datum and why is it used?
  10. What is the difference between Datum ,Datum feature and Datum feature simulator?
  11. What is Datum shift and when is Datum shift applied in GD&T scheme and when is it not ?
  12. If on a GD&T drawing , the feature control frame has a M symbol beside the geometric tolerance value. What does it mean 
  13. What is actual mating envelope
  14. What is virtual condition ? 
  15. What is Design intent ? 
  16. How does GD&T make a drawing not confusing (unambiguous) ? 

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